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6 Ways B2B Marketing Analytics is Like A Relationship

Valentines Day is a holiday that some people look forward to, while others dread it’s very existence.  Let’s face it; no one likes to be alone on Valentine’s Day. Much like personal relationships, business relationships take effort. What are you doing this year to ensure you’re spending time with someone special and keeping your conversion funnel full?
The typical B2B buying cycle is anywhere from 3 to 12 months.  It can be challenging to maintain appropriate touch points throughout a longer sales cycle in a way that will encourage a potential customer to convert, rather than slipping out of the funnel.
Utilizing analytics is a great way for companies to gain insight into customer and prospect behavior and make adjustments to their marketing strategy based on that insight. However, a long sales cycle requires analytics be used beyond simply connecting purchase to channel and adjusting the marketing mix accordingly.
A long term relationship isn’t that different than the relationship between B2B companies and their current and potential customers. A great partner understands how to listen and compromise based on feedback, and so do great marketers.
If you are wondering how to better use analytics in a long sales cycle, read on for 6 ways B2B marketing analytics is like a long term relationship.

#1 Listen to Your Partner

Analytical data provides marketers with insight into current and potential customers habits across all stages of the buying cycle.  If you haven’t already mapped your keywords do the following exercise:
  • Run an export of all keyword queries (short and long tail), which have driven traffic to your site over the past 90 days.
  • Map those keywords to stages in buying cycle.
For example, a user searching for a phrase like ‘online marketing’ or ‘get started with online marketing for small business’ is likely, very early in the buying cycle. If the user is searching ‘name of product + trouble shooting’, then they are likely in a post purchase phase.
Mining keywords from organic search and internal site search and mapping those keywords to the buying cycle is a great way to learn the pain points of customers and prospects.

#2 Give Them What They Want

If you want to maintain and grow a relationship, then give your partner what they want. So if customers are searching for ‘trouble shooting guide’, then create a troubleshooting guide and make it easy to find.
Mapping keywords to the buying cycle is only effective, if you then use the information from analytics to drive your content marketing strategy.  Long tail queries are great material for blog posts, white papers and product guides.

#3 If It’s Working Keep Doing It

Once you have identified what tactics are working, continue to monitor and refine.  To further refine your strategy you can also:
  • Use analytics to determine what content on your site is receiving the most clicks, downloads and page views.
  • Confirm you have Google Analytics tracking code on all PDFs and add event tracking code to on page interactions like internal banners, video plays and social sharing buttons.
  • Use this information lead your content strategy.
Not only should your most successful content be given prime real estate on your home page or resource center, but it can also be utilized to drive offsite promotion efforts, like email campaigns.

#4 Don’t Give the Last Gesture All the Credit

Can you make a decision about marrying someone solely based on the proposal? Of course not! The wedding is 95% the culmination of all gestures leading up to the proposal, and maybe 5% based on how the proposal was executed.
Therefore, don’t attribute a website conversion just to the last click. Many analytics platforms track conversions back to only the source right before conversion. This may be problematic, especially in a long buying cycle.
In a 6 month time period, a prospect may initially gain awareness of your brand from a Facebook post shared by a friend, then check out your blog, download a white paper, receive an email, then finally search your brand name right before filling out a Demo Request form. In this scenario, conversion is attributed all to search, whereas Facebook was actually the prospect’s first click.
Focusing only on the last click can cause marketers to over or underestimate certain channels and allocated budgets. Some analytics platforms, such as Google Premium offer advanced attribution modeling which allows marketers to track the conversions more accurately through multiple touches, over longer periods of time.

#5 Small Things Make a Big Difference

In a relationship it’s the small, every day gestures that tend to mean the most.
For marketers, this means, don’t ignore the microconversions. Especially, when you are working with a long buying cycle, it is crucial for marketers to pay attention to all the microconversions which are happening on and off site. Like a white paper download, a Facebook comment, or a video view. All of these small conversions, leading up to the purchase or Demo Request, are meaningful interactions from your customers.  Marketers should use analytics in order to monitor the channels driving those microconversions, as well as monitoring the microconversions to determine how they lead to the ultimate conversion.

#6 Sometimes You Have to Spend a Little Money

In the course of most long-term relationships, and possibly on Valentine’s Day, a little money is spent in order to let a person know you care.
For analytics, this means marketers may consider investing in a paid Analytics platform , such as Google Premium.  This tool allows you to create customized attribution models taking into account time decay and position.
Measurement and analytics is a challenge that many B2B companies are faced with. Analytics is incredibly useful in terms of driving an effective content marketing strategy. However, it’s also potentially problematic when it comes to lead attribution.
Some of the best advice for utilizing analytics is to treat it like you are in it for the long haul. Use the data you have at your fingertips to improve your strategy, but realize that success can be attributed to the culmination of your efforts.
We want to hear from you!  How have you been able to leverage analytics to manage a longer sales cycle?  What techniques  have worked, and which didn’t?
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NBC's Today Show Throws a Wedding

Priscilla of Boston Vineyard Collection was chosen as the winning bridesmaid dress style by the viewers of NBC's Today Show Throws a Wedding, celebrating 10 Years of I Do's. Style Editor Bobbie Thomas chose Vineyard Collection Style 1418 as a finalist because she felt it was a universally flattering silhouette and a stunning Old Hollywood version of the little black dress, perfect for a vineyard-themed wedding on the plaza. Clearly, American viewers agreed because the dress was selected as the winner by popular vote!

The bridesmaids will walk down the aisle in their Priscilla of Boston Vineyard fashions, live on NBC's Today Show on Wednesday, July 15th. This is the most recent media accolade for the Vineyard Collection, which is renowned for its sophisticated bridesmaid and bridal gowns styles in of the moment fashions.

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  在过去的10年里,约翰·巴特利在打造创新型传媒公司方面大大地施展了才华。在上世纪90年代,他帮助创建了《连线》(Wired)杂志。在网络兴盛时期,他推出了《行业标准》(The Industry Standard)杂志。2005年末,在Google公司如日中天的时候,他出版了一本关于互联网搜索技术的书。如今,巴特利又在引领着一股新浪潮,他试图回答互联网领域最令人困惑的问题之一:如何将博客当成一份职业来经营?数以百万计的人发表博客、创建其他细分型网站,除了高涨的热情外,他们也需要养家糊口。 巴特利认为,他的新公司——联邦媒体出版公司(Federated Media Publishing Inc.)能够解决部分问题。这家新兴公司位于加利福尼亚州索萨利托市,它正与成千上万家知名网站签约,并向IBM、Absolut和惠普等知名广告客户推销广告空间。与搞客网(等博客网站不同,联邦媒体出版公司并不拥有博客网站,但它能获得网站40%的广告收入,其余部分则归网站所有。巴特利说:“这就好比是一种音乐标签,只是我们不拥有它们的知识产权也不知道教人怎么唱。” 联邦媒体出版公司虽然只是浩淼的广告海洋中不起眼的一滴水,但它必将会成为汪洋。去年,它为90家网站推销出了价值上千万美元的广告位。今年,巴特利认为公司将会走上盈利之路,销售额将增加5倍。今年2月5日,联邦媒体出版公司更上一层楼,它宣布已与思科、日产和耐克公司以及20家新网站签约,成为它们的广告代理商,其中包括视频博客网站菠萝网(Rocketboom)。此外,它还与Boing Boing、Digg.com以及其他一些大型网站重新签订了长期合约。惠普旗下的图像及打印集团正针对图像处理专家进行在线推广活动,该公司负责互动营销的主管戴娜·米德尔顿说:“这是个非常引人入胜的创意。你能够以独特的方式进入一个博客社区。” 巴特利面临的最大挑战也许是如何保持公司增长。去年,由于联邦媒体出版公司忙于签订新的广告版块,网站的许多广告位未被售出,有些网站对此满腹怨言。网络日志公司(Web Logs Inc.)是一家博客网站,在2005年被美国在线收购,其前任老板贾森·卡拉卡尼斯认为,主要的障碍是联邦媒体出版公司并不拥有这些网站:“一旦你成功地使客户的业务量超过每年50万美元,它们就会建立自己的广告销售队伍。” 巴特利相信他与广告客户建立起来的良好关系将为其扫清障碍。他说:“Boing Boing网站永远都叩不开通用汽车公司的大门,但联邦媒体出版公司则能出入自如。

作者:斯潘塞·安特(Spencer E. Ante)

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崇桢十七年三月十七日(1644,4,23),李自成率农民军抵达京城,门外平则、西直、德胜三大营全部投降,十八日(4,24)夜守门太监曹化淳打开彰义门投降,官军作鸟兽散。次日李自成毡笠缥衣,乘乌驳马入承天门(1),指门大声说:“我能为天下主,则一矢中四字中心”不料射“中”天字之下,自成不乐,丞相牛金星说:“中天下字,当中分天下。”方喜,又以拔去矢头之箭向后射三箭,誓曰:“进京城,不杀一人” 。初进京城时城内一片宁静,百姓设香案,书“顺民”二字于门。农民军大部份高层将领,尤其是文人出身的牛金星宋企郊等,都希望建立一个理想的新王朝。而城破国亡的众官只有两条路可选择,少数以自尽甚至全家自尽的方式表示对前朝的忠心,大多投降,在各史书笔记中都有详细的记载。(2)
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一.追查皇帝的下落。三月十七日(4,23)崇桢出宫登煤山,望峰火彻天,已知京城无法挽救,回宫,将太子慈烺及二王子送至其外祖父周奎及田弘遇家,令周皇后、袁贵妃等自尽,又入仁寿宫砍断长平公主左臂并斫昭仁公主,十九日(4,25)天未明,崇桢鸣钟召集百官,竟无一人到,内城陷,只得再次与太监王承恩登煤山上自缢。当时无人知晓,李自成出赏黄金万两,大索帝后。二十日(4,26)太监献出太子及二王子,太子送至刘宗敏住所,太子问:“为何不杀我?”李自成答:“你无罪。”封太子为宋王,命刘宗敏善养。直到二十三日(4,29)李自成方知崇桢及皇后已死,盛入柳棺,置于东华门外,无人敢入一哭。二十七日 (5,3)农民军改以帝礼殓帝后。四月初一日(5,6),帝后殡于昌平,昌平州吏目赵一桂率士民醵钱三百四十千,启田贵妃之墓,奉帝后合葬(3)。李自成对已故帝后的安葬是采取了宽容的态度。同日礼政府焚太庙神主,迁太祖主于帝王庙。


二.安置军队及给养问题,农民军一贯以流动方式作战,粮草给养并不正规,十九日(5,5)李自成放兵马入城,将领见有高大宅弟即入内占据,李岩居周奎弟、刘宗敏居田弘遇宅。二十六日农民军下令前朝勋戚捐饷,自二十三日至二十五日(4,29~5,1)造夹棍数千副,用以夹人,散授各用刑处。掠周奎家得现银五十三万,提督大监王之喜,旧称家贮现银三十万,逮至追银十五万,金银器皿缎匹,农民军以未合三十万之数,夹死。魏藻德追银一万两,刘宗敏以为少,酷刑五日夜。刘宗敏派饷在京各降官,用者派少,令其自完,不用者派多,下令勒内阁银十万金,京卿、锦衣七万或五万、三万,给事、御史、吏部五万或三万,翰林三万或一万,部曹数千,勋戚无定数。一言不办,即夹,人人都可用刑,处处都可施刑,必做到人财两尽。对懿安皇后(熹宗的皇后)亦加以栲掠追金,李岩保护使之自尽。二十七日(5,3)开始,更派长班到各处搜缉京城乡绅掠取,稍有资产的商家,同样逮系夹追。农民军令五家养一士兵,大纵淫掠。自二十七至四月初一日 (5,3~6),被囚之人还多未放,有完银多而反被夹,也有完银少而不夹。此时已变捐饷为掠夺,不论勋戚、大小降官、乡绅及百姓,农民军人人都可追索,全城大乱,人人自危。农民军在京共计索银七千万两,其中大内各库银三千七百万,金若干万,农民军退后,大库尚有二十万,大内亦未全部搬空,都为清军所得,当时崇桢曾令诸勋戚及官员助饷不成,今都被农民军夺得。


四.边关及其它地区的作战,农民军破京师后,经过宁武一战,伤亡过半(4),兵力渐分,食亦不足,即要守城,又要防边,又要留镇,应付不过来,不得已将军队分散,只以四五百人随一姓白果毅将军,号称数千,往沿河一带催粮,以七八人随一将,号称千人,往德州等处,以一二百人随一将,往济南等处安抚,又以七八百人随一姓董制将军,号称二万,到宿迁镇守淮扬。李自成知道最大问题仍是边关,最初奉崇桢命山海关总兵吴三桂放弃宁远入卫,二十日(4,26)抵丰润(今唐山市丰润区,距北京120公里),京师已占,李自成命吴襄写信招降,并命降将唐通携信及银四万两犒师,指派一将领带兵二万进军边关,吴三桂深感大势已去愿降,安排农民军代守边关,自率精锐返京师,至滦州(今河北滦县滦州镇),探得京城被掠,其父吴襄全家及爱妾陈圆圆被执(5),极愤,急回山海关,杀守关边农民军。李自成大怒,十三日 (5,18)命收各处系罪囚,全数杀之,凡勋戚及都督以上降官,无一人免。凡有兵权者,都可杀人,由晨至三更而罢。李自成亲率兵,携太子、永王,执吴襄于军,攻山海关,留丞相牛金星居守。(6)
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吴三桂向多尔衮清借兵。十四日(5,19)李自成先锋四万先到,吴三桂出战,胜负相当。农民军精锐不过数万,如今一心思归,听到吴兵强劲,都无心恋战,三桂奋力出战,杀数千人。十九日(5,24)两军对垒于关内一片石(7),多尔衮不上肯轻敌,以观察三桂之诚伪及农民军之强弱,坐收渔利,二十二日 (5,27)清兵对农民军布阵,吴三桂在右翼末,全部出击,农民军亦力斗,围开复合,战多时,清兵从吴三桂阵右突然袭击,冲农民军中坚,天大风,砂石飞走,李自成挟太子登高冈观战,知清兵,急策马下冈走,清兵追四十里,农民军大溃,自相践踏,死者无算。刘宗敏中流矢,负创逃回,遗弃辎重无数。李自成退至永平驻兵(今属唐山市),派使至三桂营议和,三桂提出归还太子,速离京城,李自成请回师履约。

五.建新朝及登基。农民军进京开始就考虑建国及登基问题,其中以牛金星、宋企郊等文人出身的首领更为热衷,降官也都纷纷进表劝进。前在三月二十五日 (5,1) 礼政府曾下令随驾各官老人上表劝进,李自成择二十九日(5,5)即位,但随形势发展,京城开始混乱,李自成熔化拷索所得金银及宫中帑藏器皿,铸成饼,每饼千金,约数万饼,骡车载回西安,内库镇库金银,为五百两一锭,镌有“永乐年”字,每驮两锭。初十日(5,15)开始解运,至十六日(5,21)有千驮计。到二十五日(5,30)更加紧驮运金银,城中骡驴逼取殆尽,农民军留京城者大搜兵器,民间都不得收藏弓箭火器。二十七日(6,1)李自成回京师,大队入城,淫掠抢掠,无复纪律,杀吴襄全家三十四口于王府二条胡同。吴三桂兵压京城,李自成以十八营拒战,吴三桂灭其八,斩首二万。农民军已到山水尽的地步,完全没有实力留守京城。

二十八日(6,2),李自成于英武殿匆匆称帝,立妻高氏为后。下午运草入宫城塞各城门,入晚,焚宫殿及九门城楼。是夜,李自成携太子及二王子出城西行 (8),退出京师,出牌令全城百姓到城外避敌,又用大炮击毁诸宫殿,令士兵各处放火,城内百姓用床桌器具阻塞巷口,自发与农民军战斗,入夜各草场起火,光耀如同白昼,喊声,炮声彻夜不绝。

崇桢十七年初,李自成发布声讨明朝的檄文,其中有传诵一时的名句,引起极大的震动:“君非甚黯,孤立而炀蔽恒多;臣尽行私,比党而公忠绝少。甚至贿通宫府,朝廷之威福日移;利入戚绅,闾左之脂膏尽竭。”“公侯皆食肉纨绔,而倚为腹心;宦官悉龁糠犬豚,而借其耳目。狱囚累累,士无报礼之思;征敛重重,民有偕亡之恨。”(9) 李自成入城之始,原则上是按檄文的观点进行,最初是禁止进城的农民军奸淫掠夺。李自成以为“君非甚黯”,对皇帝后事是尊重的,并适当了安顿太子及二王子。李自成认为“臣尽行私”,对降官态度极为严厉。官逼民反,农民军痛恨贪官,起义沿途所见尽是贪生怕死之辈,如果文官不贪钱,武官不怕死,何致有今日。李自成对牛金星指削发的降官说:“各官于破城之日能死便是忠臣,若身体发肤受之父母,不敢毁伤,削发之人不忠不孝,留他怎的?”因而除少数降官授职外,勋戚高官几乎杀尽,其余全数逮下追赃问罪。


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(1) 承天门即今天的天安门,明永乐十五年(1417)建,为紫禁城之正门,命名承天门有“承天启运,受命于天”之意,为黄瓦飞檐三层楼式的五座木牌坊式大门,李自成离京时焚毁,顺治八年(1651)重建,改名为天安门

(2) 参见《明史》;李天根:《爝火录》;计六奇:《明季北略》;徐鼒《小腆纪年》,《小腆纪传》;查继佐:《罪惟录》;吴伟业:《绥寇纪略》;彭孙贻:《流寇志》等。 (3). 昌平州吏目赵一桂写了一篇:《为开圹捐葬崇桢先帝及周皇后共归田妃陵寝事》真实记录了思宗安葬的经过。见于中敏:《日下见闻考》卷一百三十七。

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(6). 吴三桂声讨李自成主要是为了明朝正统,在其致李自成的檄文中就有:“试看赤县之归心,仍是朱家之正统。”作书与父诀,内有:“父既不能为忠臣,儿亦安能为孝子乎?儿与父诀,请自今日;父不早图,贼虽置父鼎俎之旁以诱三桂,不顾也”。在永平与李自成议和时也只提出归还太子和退出京师两条。都没有提到陈圆圆,但报仇心切的吴三桂,也没有料到清军入关最后的结局。




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交通以公路和水运为主 ,105国道、迎宾大道、南沙大道、华南快速干线、南沙港快速路、京珠高速公路纵横全境。洛溪大桥、番禺大桥与广州海珠区相连。珠江航运便利,通广州、港澳等地。

venerdì 17 agosto 2007

La ‘mattanza’ calabrese a Duisburg

Duisburg - "Per analizzare quanto successo a Duisburg alle prime ore del ferragosto 2007 bisogna rifare la storia dell'emigrazione calabrese e del Sud" così Giuseppe Tizza, insegnante dilingua italiana, traduttore professionale dal tedesco, uno degli italiani più attivi in Germania nel commentare i fatti che riguardano la comunità italiana nel Paese.

I fatti sono quelli che i giornali italiani hanno definito come la 'mattanza' calabrese a Duisburg -nel Nord Reno-Westfalia, 132.265 gli italiani iscritti all'AIRE dell'area consolare di riferimento, ma sicuramente molti di più gli italiani e gli italo-tedeschi effettivamente residenti- l'esportazione oltre confine, nel cuore dell'Europa, di una guerra tra gruppi opposti dell'ndrangheta della Locride, quella di San Luca: 70 colpi per freddare 6 giovani di San Luca, appunto, Francesco e Marco Pergola, di 22 e 20 anni, Sebastiano Strangio di 39 anni, Francesco G., minorenne, Marco Marmo, di 25 anni e Tommaso Venturi, di 18 anni, davanti a uno dei tanti ristoranti italiani che animano le città tedesche, 'Da Bruno', di proprietà di Giuseppe Strangio, pure lui calabrese.